Your Writing Should Be Your Employee-of-the-Year


Providing the written content that builds a better-looking business

Our clients sleep better at night because they know our writing works for them 24/7. The Renegade Cupcake offers multi-use writing services to get our clients to their goals, faster, by helping them build a better-looking business.

Whether it’s writing from scratch, perfecting pre-existing content or providing a creative outlook that takes work to the next level, we help clients put their best face to the world anywhere they use the power of words to communicate and captivate. 

Our eye for detail and visual sensibility set us apart in a digital age, maximizing our clients’ presence on the screen or on the page. We use words to craft an image that is impeccable and one-of-a-kind, reaches their audience, expresses what they do with clarity, and reflects their core values.



Promotional/Marketing Materials with Class

Goodbye “sales-y” tone.

Hello to making readers feel like they’re meeting someone they want to know.

Website Copy Makeovers

Words that express who you are and make your website feel like home…

So visitors will return again and again.

Standout Social Media Campaigns

Succinct, clear and true-to-you social media content.         

Engaging Blog Posts

Compelling stories about how and why you do what you do invite readers to get to know you and your business.


An Inbox is a powerful place to be.

Take full advantage with effective writing that gets to the point and pulls readers in.

Get website click-thru's and establish relationships, whether you're communicating about a product or service.

Book/E-book Writing, Editing, and Guidance

From the seed of an idea to completed book, see your book happen in print or digital format.

Professional services transform rough beginnings into error-free, polished books in print and e-book.


Pitches backed by experience, created for you and formulated to get read, from subject line to on-point e-mail content. 


Visuals for Extra Impact

Logo Design

Encapsulate what makes you special and provide a visual marker for customers to know you at a glance.

Social Media Visuals

From Postcards, Facebook Share Graphics, Banners, and more, stand out without saying a word.


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