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Communicating with clarity, creativity, and flair is the hallmark of The Renegade Cupcake, June Eding. June is a versatile writer and published author who crafts writing that captures attention, sparks connection, and works for her clients' brand and image.

From from bite-sized content to long work, June's diverse writing skills encompass fields from health and wellness and business and technology to laid-back, wonderfully witty online conversations for a variety of small businesses, creatives, entrepreneurs and organizations.

June can start from scratch, jump in to take a lingering project into the fast lane, or wrap things up with the "something" that's missing to tie it all together. The Renegade Cupcake is the agile and experienced co-partner you need to take what you do to the next level.

Meet June

My goal is to provide my clients with the most valuable of tools: writing that is remarkable, compelling, cohesive and, above all, works in service of what they want to achieve.

As an experienced editor and writer, I am adept at tailor-making content to reach an intended audience and telling business stories that spotlight what makes an individual or an organization truly special. I'm also skilled at managing multiple priorities under deadline and collaborating with others, and I'm as comfortable working with growing businesses as larger brands. I can write for projects that require fact-based authoritative content, as well as those that need a personal touch to invite connection with a particular audience. I've also created books from the idea stage to printed copies.

Ultimately, my clients have the advantage of confidence: the writing I provide for them helps them rest assured that they are communicating about what they do in the right way, making words work for them to move their objectives forward.


"June is an exciting writer whose cleverness knows no bounds. Her keen listening skills make her quickly analytic about what types of copy would work for different types of businesses."

Katie Hellmuth-Martin, Studio Pixelated NY

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