Goodbye, dull copy.

The Renegade Cupcake is here to put an end to boring, out-of-the-box content with flavorful, fresh writing.

We work with anyone looking to make an impact, from brands, entrepreneurs, creatives, small business owners, and more.

Our delicious content includes true-to-life blog posts, About pages more envy-inducing than the popular kids' table, and Business descriptions that fit websites like tailor-made suits.

Want to leave a legacy in writing? We're master story-creators who pull readers in faster than a pastry display and stay true to your unique flavor.

Now serving writing that stands out from the flavorless word crowd.





Some things should be left to the professionals. Including writing your own copy.

Working with us means access to the know-how and resources of a professional editor, copyeditor, and author. Our expertise means you leave a flawless first word-impression.

Any other way of working is simply dangerous.*

*like misspelling your own name in your website bio...yup, we see it all the time. 


almost psychic

Better than a mind reader: understanding what you need to create what you want.

Whether starting from scratch or working with content you've already got, we tap into what you're all about so the writing we create for you retains your vision and voice.

We listen to your your ideas, pick up on what you need, and transform the groundwork you've created into professional writing you can use.

flawless sparkle

You're unique: we know how to display your image to the world so you truly stand out from the rest.

Our writing process transforms words from rough beginnings to final polish, pinpointing what to emphasize and cutting out the unnecessary details.

We provide writing that works hard for you: our content goes beyond eye-catching, to capture attention and spark connection with your audience.

time for a toast

We know how hard you work. You don't have time to waste on spelling and commas.

You've got a million things to juggle. Let us handle the heavy lifting (and make no mistake, good writing requires it) so you can focus on moving your business forward.

At the end of the day, you'll have copy that does its job so you can do yours better--and accomplish the big things that are truly worth celebrating.


services a la carte

  • Catalog copy and product descriptions

  • Pitch writing, PR outreach and planning

  • Manuscript editing to improve and perfect

  • Book creation, from ghostwriting to production

  • Blogs and Newsletters

  • About pages and website copy

  • Content marketing that's creative and on-brand

  • Social media account creation and maintenance 

writing that makes you as irresistible as a guilty-pleasure treat.

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the recipe

  • Writing expertise and visual skill in sync with a digital age

  • Professional experience and writing expertise with background as an editor, copyeditor and published author

  • Creative writing designed to capture attention and spark connection

We regularly use The Renegade Cupcake for internal work as well as client projects. They are a must in any business’ arsenal for multiple reasons: they create marketing material for your company better than you could on your own; the clever way they weave together graphics and copy is perfect to use anyplace from social media campaigns to websites; and and when you’re in a pinch to get client projects completed, they get the job done.
— Red Branch PR NYC