This is one award you’ve definitely earned!


Fill in with something you’re extra proud of accomplishing this week.

Click, print and stage your very own Awards Ceremony!

To download your personal Award, click here.


More Fun = Getting More Done

Who says a To Do List can't be fun?

Click, print and get ready to skyrocket your productivity.

Download your personal Tic Tac Toe To Do List by clicking the image below or click here.


Note to Self...You're a Total Badass

Put this sign anywhere to declare your total badass-ery indisputable.

Download your personal Badass Note to Self by clicking the image above or click here.


TIP: Having a slow day? Feeling down? Try jotting a note inside to remind yourself:

1. Why you totally rule (it can be a small accomplishment, as long as it is BIG to you; or,  write down what you love about yourself or your business)

2. The big goal that you are working and working and working to achieve. You're a badass for hanging in and taking all those steps to get there--and you're one smart cookie, too, since you know small steps are the building blocks to big things!

3. An inspirational quote that pushes you forward every time.

Now go forth and kick butt!


Insta-Party Decor

Turn up the party vibe to HIGH: Print out, cut out & repeat.

Click on the image below for printable PDF

Fun Floral Fanfare

Print & color-in florals bring spring indoors, or cut out, pin & wear!

Click on the image below for printable PDF


The Next Best Thing to Happy Hour

You've earned it!

Print for instant-celebration (No need to wait til 5!)


For Your Trophy Case

Victory is Yours!

Finally conquer your fear and did that one thing you dreaded? Vanquish your To Do List? Made it thru Monday? Cue the Rocky theme song! You're a champ for showing up, conquering fear, and getting it done!

Honor your courage by printing out this customizeable trophy to remind yourself of your championship status. 

Download your Trophy by clicking the image above or click here.

Anytime is Champs Time


Take a moment to celebrate your hard work! Print, fold and stand this life-size champagne flute anywhere for an insta-toast to you, anytime. (Speech optional.)

You can even write in what accomplishment you're celebrating so you don't lose sight of your achievement.  

Download your Glass of Bubbly by clicking the image above or click here.


Ring in the New!

Say au revoir to the past and get ready to welcome a brand-spanking New Year!!!

Click, print and cut-out. Then, tuck, bobby pin or clip to the side of your 'do and get ready to greet the future with a "Hello, dahhling! "

(Coloring-in of gems optional, but Champagne highly recommended).


Original drawings by June Eding. If you’re looking for custom art for your brand or special event, get in touch here